Since 1951 the BK Precision name has represented quality, consistency, and value. We take pride in supplying outstanding products and excellent service at fair prices. Full certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2008) reflects our commitment to excellence. Our mission is to maintain the standards that have built our reputation, develop new products to meet advancing needs, and to continue providing the products and service our customers have come to trust.

BK Precision Top Sellers

DC Electronic

DC Electronic Load; Programmable; Bench; 1500 W; 0-120 V; 0-240 A; 8600 Series


Power Supply

Power Supply; DC; Programmable; Triple Output; 30V/3A(x2); 5V/3A(x1); 175W



Meter; LCR; Bench; 300kHz; ; 4.3 inch. Color Display



1500VA Programmable AC Power Source



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Web Tools

B&K offers a complete range of general testing and measurement instruments. Our core products inlcude power supplies and DC elelctronice loads, signal generators (especially function and arbitrary generators), component testers, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and multimeters.

Download the new "pwrApp" by B&K Precision. With this app you can operate B&K Precision's XLN series power supplies via a WLAN interface. The app supports all power supply functions, plus additional monitoring functions and a simulation mode.

B&K Precision's eeApp is a tool to assist with functions and calculations used in electronic, and electric testing and measurement. Includes a glossary of commonly used industry terms, and calculations such as Logic Gates, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Decibels, Ohm's Law and more.

B&K Precision Website
New B&K Precision pwrApp
B&K Precision ElectriKit App for Android
B&K Precision WaveXpress Software

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B&K Precision XLN Series 1.44 kW Programmable DC Power Supply

This is a basic overview of the XLN series Programmable DC Power Supplies, showing front, side, rear panels, interfaces, and connectors.

9830 Series Overview

Introducing the 9830 Series programmable AC power sources with low harmonic distortion and high power. The 9830 Series extends B&K Precision’s product line of AC sources to 3000 VA