Belden Spacemaker Series Wire and Cable

SpaceMaker™ Series

Smaller Diameter, Increased Flexibility, and 10-Year Guarantee

Ruggedly designed for reliable, long-lasting connectivity in harsh industrial settings, these compact, multi-conductor audio, control, and instrumentation cables reduce maintenance costs and add flexibility to your operations more efficiently than standard cables. Whether you need to run more cables or reduce overall size, enhance your system design without sacrificing physical toughness or electrical performance with SpaceMaker.

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Spacemaker Comparison with Traditional Wire and Cable

Features and Benefits

Spacemaker Bend Radius
Reduced Size
Reduced Size
Up to 52% Reduced Cable Area vs. Industry Standard
Increased Flexibility
Increased Flexibility
Up to 74% Tighter Bend Radius vs. Industry Standard
NFPA 79 Suitable
NFPA 79 Suitable
Suited for NFPA 79 Applications
Simplify Installation
Simplify Installation
For Tight Corners & Hard-to-Reach Areas

Select the Part Number That Works for You

  • 18-22 AWG
  • 300 V
  • Polypropylene Insulation
  • PVC Jacket
  • Cable Length: 100 and 1,000 Ft.
  • Tinned-Copper Conductors
  • 2-to-15 Conductor with Unshielded & Overall Shield Options
  • 1-to-6 Pair with Overall Shield/Individual & Overall Shield Options
Construction Unshielded Overall Shield Individual & Overall Shield
  18 AWG 20 AWG 22 AWG 18 AWG 20 AWG 22 AWG 18 AWG 20 AWG 22 AWG
2 Conductor 9740MN 8205MN 8442MN            
3 Conductor 8463MN 9443MN 8443MN 8770MN 8772MN 8771MN      
5 Conductor 8465MN 9445MN 8445MN 8870MN 8876MN 8882MN      
7 Conductor 8467MN 9439MN 9430MN 8871MN 8877MN 8883MN      
9 Conductor 8469MN 9455MN 9423MN 8872MN 8878MN 8884MN      
12 Conductor 8466MN 9457MN 8457MN 8873MN 8880MN 8885MN      
15 Conductor 8468MN 9458MN 8458MN 8874MN 8881MN 8886MN      
1 Pair       8760MN 8762MN 8761MN      
2 Pair             8875MN 9402MN 8723MN
3 Pair             9773MN 9873MN 8777MN
4 Pair             9779MN 9882MN 8779MN
5 Pair             9780MN 9884MN 8781MN
6 Pair             9774MN 9874MN 8778MN

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Each sample includes two SpaceMaker Series electronic cables and the corresponding standard electrical cable, so you can experience the reduced size and increased flexibility first-hand.

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