ebm-papst, the world's leading source for engineered air movement solutions, provides a "total solution" approach to your cooling requirements using our extensive in-house resources. Custom assemblies are designed by our engineers to your specifications for a wide range of applications. Sheet metal fabrication and finishing/painting is performed on our extensive line of state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring superior quality and maximum flexibility in the manufacturing process. Custom assembly incorporating ebm-papst air movers, custom PCBs, power supplies, electronic filters, air filters, wire harnesses, labeling, fasteners/connectors/accessories, and more is performed on site.

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Fan; AC; 115V; 120x120x38mm; Sq; 106CFM; 18W; 50dBA; Terminals


Metal Finger Guards




Fan; DC; 48V; 172x51mm; Round; 559.1CFM; 150W; 75dBA; 9200RPM; Terminals



Fan; DC; 24V; 92x92x38mm; Sq; 36.1CFM; 8W; 51dBA; 6000RPM; Leadwires



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With offices in major cities throughout North America, ebm-papst's highly-skilled and experienced team of professionals is ready to tackle your most difficult air moving challenges and offer solutions that meet your needs. They serve all markets including IT & Telecomm, HVAC, Refrigeration, Gas & Heating, Household Appliances, Industrial, Drive Systems, Automotive & Rail Technology, Medical, and more.

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Wiring an EMC Motor - Three Phase Motor Wiring Instructions

This video is to demonstrate how to wire an ebm-papst EC motor with a 150 frame size motor. This will cover both how to connect three phase power and a 0-10 volt analog signal to control the fan. For any questions please contact your local support at ebm-papst.

EC vs. AC Motor Comparison

Are you looking for an easy way to lower your utility bill and create a greener building? Try EC technology from ebm-papst. It’s an easy plug and play replacement into existing solutions that can dramatically reduce your overall power consumption up to 70%. This video provides an overview of EC technology.

Motor and Drive Solutions – Compact, Efficient, and Versatile

Ebm-papst’s comprehensive offering includes motors, gear boxes, and electronics as well as their corresponding accessories and software. The brushed DC motors range from 42-63 mm in diameter and feature a power output of up to 93 Watts.