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Locate, Analyze, and Identify Automation Control and Communication Issues

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Motor Analysis

Evaluate electrical, power-quality, and mechanical performance of motors to help predict failure and avert downtime. Quickly and easily measure and analyze key parameters – power, harmonics, unbalance, motor speed, torque, and mechanical power – without the need for mechanical sensors.

Why you should add motor analysis to your maintenance routine

Power quality recording and analysis: Techniques and applications

438 II Power Quality Analyzer >>

279 FC Thermal Multimeter >>

190 ScopeMeters >>
Heat Detection

A motor's heat signature tells you a lot about its quality and condition. Use thermal imaging to see when motors and associated controls are operating too hot. Then, troubleshoot and track the specific failed component at fault. In addition, check for phase imbalance, bad connections, and abnormal heating on the electrical supply.

Extend motor service life with infrared inspection

What is a thermal multimeter?

87V Digital Multimeter >>

Ti450 Thermal Imager >>

279 FC Thermal Multimeter >>
Signal Troubleshooting

Automation and process control equipment requires clean, noise-free signals in environments that are often not so signal-friendly. Fluke oscilloscopes and digital/thermal multimeters expose defects in industrial electrical and electromechanical equipment, collecting and archiving critical test information along the way.

Comparing a multimeter to an oscilloscope

Making sense of electrical signals

125B ScopeMeter >>

87V Digital Multimeter >>

279 FC Thermal Multimeter >>
Process Test & Measurement

Lost production time means lower output, which can be pricey. Downtime is magnified in process plants, because an entire batch of products can be ruined if an outage occurs at a critical process point. Fluke 773/772/771 process tools measure signals on live devices without breaking the loop – a big deal for troubleshooting transmitters, valves, and PLCs.

Using loop power for process instrument and 4-20 mA loop testing

Harmonics Standards: What are they and how can you use them?

773/772/771 Process Tools >>

789 Process Meter >>


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Thermal Imaging Online Tools

Thermal imaging is a valuable tool that can have a significant impact on your troubleshooting and maintenance productivity, as well as the bottom line, for industrial, electrical and building applications. The online tools can help you find out more about thermal imaging whether you currently own a thermal imager or are only considering a purchase. Click on the links below to view thermal imaging tools.

Infrared Cameras

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Process Calibration Tools Catalog

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