Omron Electronic Components B5W-LD0101-1 Air Quality Sensor
Omron Electronic Components B5W-LD0101-1 Highly Sensitive and Compact Air Quality Sensor
Highly Sensitive and Compact
The B5W-LD0101-1 high-precision air quality and dust sensor is capable of detecting particles as small as 0.5 µm. It offers superior sensitivity against competing LED sensing technology, allowing it to detect smaller particle sizes, and has the ability to intake and sample greater air volume with more consistent and accurate results. It also features a compact optical system, giving it a smaller package size (52.3 mm x 39.3 mm x 17.6 mm), which contributes to smaller devices.
  • Detection of Particles Down to 0.5 µm in Diameter is Possible While Using an LED Light Source
  • Features a Unique Flow Path Structure That Efficiently Sucks in Air
  • Small in Size Thanks to a Compact Optical System
  • Building and Factory Automation
  • Household Appliances and Smart Home Applications
  • Air Purifiers, Air Conditioners, and HVAC Systems
  • Data Servers
PDF B5W-LD0101-1 Datasheet

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