Allied Electronics & Automation is an authorized distributor of Molex products, including Brad/Woodhead and FCT, delivering industrial switches and connectors to a wide range of industries, including data communications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle, and medical. With more than 75 years of experience, design and manufacturing facilities around the world, and an expert team of problem-solvers, Molex leads the industry in R&D investment, striving to develop and deliver innovative, high-quality, reliable solutions that can be customized to meet your needs.

No Time for Downtime – It's All About Productivity

Achieve Robust, Reliable Industrial Connectivity with Molex

When evaluating connectivity products for harsh environments – whether you're connecting power, industrial networks, or automation equipment – look for connectors engineered for ruggedness and constructed for easy installation. Quality products mean less downtime, which supports seamless delivery of manufactured goods. Molex produces the industrial connectivity solutions needed for long-term, reliable signal and power performance.


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Molex Solutions for Electrified Vehicles

Molex ML-XT™ Sealed Connection
System Assembly

Woodhead ArcArrest Connector System


Molex Product Spotlight: Super-Safeway Portable Power System

Molex Product Spotlight: Brad® PROFINET IO-Link HarshIO Modules



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Allied Electronics & Automation is an authorized distributor for Molex, with a wide range of Molex products, including Brad/Woodhead and FCT, in stock for same-day shipping, including industrial switches and connectors. Molex is a leading one-source supplier of interconnect products focused on the design, development and distribution of innovative product solutions. The Molex portfolio is among the world's most extensive, with over 100,000 reliable products, including everything from electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnects to switches and application tooling.

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Press Releases

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Molex Press Releases

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Molex Catalogs & Application Briefs
GWconnect® HDC Hoods for Large-Diameter Cables
Oil and Gas: Automation & Electrical Solutions
Consumer and Commercial Drone Solutions
Connected Mobility Solutions: Next-Generation Vehicle Technology
Food & Beverage: Automation & Electrical Solutions
Products and Solutions: Connected Home
Mega-Fit Power Connectors
Mini-Fit Connector Family
Micro-Fit 3.0 Connector System Product Family
Squba 1.88 mm Pitch Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connector System
ML-XT System Reduces Failures for Marine Boat and Yacht Manufacturers
ML-XT™ System Reduces Failures for Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers
Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Discrete Wire Cable Assemblies
Mini-Fit TPA  2 Power Connectors
GWconnect® Industrial Automation
Woodhead Portable Floodlights from Molex
High-Current Universal Clamp Terminal Blocks

Brad®/Woodhead Catalogs & Application Briefs
BradPower Modular Power Solutions
Brad® Automation
HarshIO IP67 Compact Modules for EtherNet/IP
Woodhead Products
Oil and Gas: Automation & Electrical Solutions
Woodhead ArcArrest: The Safest Connectors
Food & Beverage: Automation & Electrical Solutions
Brad® M12 Ultra Lock Connection System
MAX-LOC Pluggable Cable Assemblies
Woodhead LED String Lights
Woodhead Super-Safeway Portable Power System
Industrial Network Solutions for Wireless
Industrial Network Solutions for Remote Access
Material Handling: Automation & Electrical Solutions
Woodhead ArcArrest Solution for Workplace Safety and OSHA Compliance
Woodhead Portable Lighting and Electrical Products
Safety and Productivity with GFCI Solutions
Woodhead Electrical Products Helping Hospitals
Woodhead Packaged Portable String Lights
Woodhead Hazardous Duty Wide-Area LED Lights
Woodhead Super-Safeway Portable Power System
Woodhead Cord Reels
Molex Aero-Motive Balancers
Woodhead Watertite Wet-Location Wiring Solutions
Electrical Products for Easy Set-up of Trade Show Expositions/Multimedia Presentations
Woodhead Portable Lighting and Electrical Products
Woodhead Portable Floodlights Illuminate Potential Hazards for Natural Gas Utility Workers
Brad® Direct-Link® Industrial Ethernet Switches
High-Current, Universal Clamp Terminal Blocks

FCT Catalogs & Application Briefs
FCT Product Catalog
FCT Connector Solutions
FCT Crimp Flanges
FCT Non-Magnetic Products
FCT Vacuum Products
FCT Cable Assemblies

Molex Brands

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