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Robust, Compact Power for Modern Machine Building

Efficient, Easy-to-Mount DIN Rail and Enclosed Power Supplies

Today's machines house a higher degree of intelligence and can run reliably and autonomously without a full-time operator — all made possible by modern, compact, highly efficient power products. TDK-Lambda power supplies, like the RWS-B Series that helps power large manufacturing systems, promise machine builders a seven-year warranty, reliable supply of loads in harsh environments, and long capacitor life that reduces production downtime and costs.

The Benefits of Modern DIN Rail and Enclosed Power Supplies:

  • Low-Cost
  • Extremely Compact and Highly Efficient
  • No Need for Fan Cooling, Which Increases Reliability
  • Enclosed for Limited Risk of Electric Shock to Service Operators
  • The DC Input DPX Dual and Triple Output Models Reduce the Number of AC-DC Units Required
  • No Crimped Connectors or Tools Needed to Mount – Only a Screwdriver
  • Output Voltages up to 48 V to Drive the Newer, Higher-Voltage DC Motors

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